David Letterman is at it again. And this time we're taking it personally. Long a fan of Dave and his destruction of household items for our amusement, we have to draw the line somewhere. In his latest shtick, Letterman has his crew drop a safe from the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater in which his show is taped. The 300-pound hunk of metal is unceremoniously dumped from the roof and plummets towards the street below, coming to a cushiony halt atop a Buick LeSabre's rear seat.

Not a particularly big fan of the Buick, but it did appear to be in good working order and we can think of more than a few people who could use some wheels to get themselves to work, so this seems especially wasteful.

Aww, we're just joshin'. This is hilarious! One only has to watch to marvel at the "precision" with which this stunt was arranged. It seems a miracle they even hit the car and didn't make a crater in the sidewalk. The suspension of the Buick appears to take the impact with aplomb and we actually discussed whether or not the car might still be drivable. Certainly the safe looks no worse for the fall. We're pretty sure there will be complaints about the vehicle's untimely demise, but laughter has been said to be the best medicine, so that and a chill pill should help everybody get over themselves it.

[Source: The Daily Reel]

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