Boston congressman's campaign pays for his Chrysler Aspen

Want a $45,000 new vehicle but don't want to pay for it? Easy! Have your constituents pay for it. Of course, this requires crossing over to the dark side running for and winning a congressional seat, but once clear of that hurdle, it's fat city!

US Representative Stephen Lynch has been seen wheeling around in a Chrysler Aspen. We wouldn't care so much, but it appears that while the car is registered to Congressman Lynch, his personal ATM campaign fund made the $10,000 downpayment (aided by a meager $2,000 trade-in from Lynch's 2002 Envoy), and will be making the $766 monthly payments as well as the roughly $6,500 yearly insurance premium. Sounds like a sweet deal to us. Smells kinda like... pork. Perhaps it'd be less galling if he only bought what was really necessary, like a Durango. Or a Yaris. Something small would certainly save on emissions, wear and tear on the roads and go much further on a gallon of fuel. Why is it that everyone who fancies themselves important must ride around in an overly large vehicle being overtly inefficient?


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