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Starbucks now serving biodiesel (words)

What do Starbucks and AutoblogGreen have in common? Aside from a strange green color scheme, we also both like the words of Martin Tobias, the CEO of Imperium Renewables in Seattle. Imperium and Tobias get mentioned on this site now and again (see below) and now Tobias will be immortalized on a 16 oz. paper Starbucks mug soon (All right, immortalized is too strong a word for a disposable product, but "disposable-ized" sounds terrible).

The selected quote is: "How have we become so addicted to petroleum oil? How would the world be different if we could make all our own fuel in our own country? For the last two years I have driven to work on soybeans. This is possible in our lifetime."

This text will become part of Starbucks' "The Way I See It" campaign (it's number 234), which features inspiring quotes from a whole slew of folks. Imperium says Tobias' quote will make an appearance on Starbucks cups "soon."


[Source: Imperium Renewables]

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