Saab 900 passes one-million mile mark

This isn't exactly new news since it happened back in September, but a search of our archives shows that we didn't cover the fact that in a little over 17 years, traveling salesman Peter Gilbert racked up 1,001,385 miles, a distance equal to 40 times around the Earth, in his 1989 Saab 900 SPG.

Amazingly, other than a hood replacement and a "few other parts" due to eight deer collisions and a transmission overhaul at 200,000 miles, the vehicle still wears most of its original equipment. Gilbert states that at the 600,000-mile mark it wasn't using any oil, which he attributes to meticulous maintenance using synthetic fluids. It was then that he thought it might just go a million miles, and it did. In fact, Gilbert thinks it might go a million more if it weren't for the harsh Wisconsin winters that have taken their toll on the frame and body.

After mileage verification from Saab, the vehicle was donated to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum, which is home to a number of rare vehicles. Since then, Gilbert has purchased another Saab, with just a few less miles.

Interestingly enough, while a handful of vehicles have reached the million-mile mark, including this Dodge Ram, only one has been officially recorded as reaching two million miles... a Volvo P1800.


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