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1.6 million U.S. cars have rolled-back odometers, says Carfax rep

Illinois is reportedly one of the worst states with 60,000 cars

There is a glaring reality that some people still might not be aware of, judging by a report from NBC 12's InvestigateTV: Digital odometers are not safe from or protected from mileage rollback. In some cases, it's easier to alter the digital numbers than the old analog method. NBC demonstrates such in an article that says about 1.6 million cars in

Woman drove her Hyundai Elantra 1 million miles in five years

And for her trouble, Hyundai is giving her a new one

And for her trouble, Hyundai is giving her a new one.

Cousins convicted of rolling millions of miles off odometers

A court in the British county of Lancashire sentenced two cousins to two years in jail and $130,000 in fines for rolling four million miles off the odometers of used cars they bought and fraudulently resold.

Buying A Used Car? Check For Odometer Fraud

One man in New York was caught, but the problem is bigger than you think

Buying a used car is already risky business, and this story of fraud in New York will have you double checking your paperwork.

Bay area residents could soon be taxed per mile driven

As cars get more fuel efficient, they become a less profitable source of tax dollars. So what's a city to do? Raising gas taxes is certain political death. For San Francisco Bay officials, creativity is the key.

Odo Uh-Oh: Honda extending warranties on 6 million cars

Honda has decided to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleges its odometers were racking up miles too fast. The automaker says odometers on some 6 million Hondas affected by the suit were accurate to within 3.75% on the high side. The NHTSA doesn't regulate odometer accuracy, and the only industry standard is a voluntary one set by the Society of Automotive Engineers that says odos should be within +/-4%. While the car's affected by the suit fall within that range, Honda recognized that its cu

Saab 900 passes one-million mile mark

This isn't exactly new news since it happened back in September, but a search of our archives shows that we didn't cover the fact that in a little over 17 years, traveling salesman Peter Gilbert racked up 1,001,385 miles, a distance equal to 40 times around the Earth, in his 1989 Saab 900 SPG.

Chrysler CEO calls owner of million mile Dodge Ram

Robert Swan’s wife rung up Chrysler one day on the off chance the automaker might be interested to know her husband’s 1995 Dodge Ram 3500 just passed its millionth mile on the odo. Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda was interested enough to leave the plush confines of his office at the Chrysler Group headquarters and take a trip down to