'F' is for 'Fast' - Lexus' new performance arm

About this time last month, Automotive News reported that Lexus would reintroduce their L-tuned lineup of vehicles in order to compete in the ever-growing, performance luxury marketplace. Well, it seems that the letter 'L' has been dispatched in order to make room for the real performance division of Lexus.
'F,' as it turns out, stands for 'fast,' and will grace the trunk lid of Lexus vehicles that seek to do battle amidst the AMGs and Ms of the world.

The first F-inagled Lexus to make its debut will be a hotted-up version of the IS sedan, equipped with a 5-liter V8. What was originally assumed to be called the IS500, the newly dubbed IS-F will come with a revised version of the V8 that resides in the LS600h L and will produce upwards of 425 HP. Pricing is expected to come in around $50k, and is aimed squarely at the upcoming M3.

Other models expected to get the 'F' treatment include the GS sedan and a coupe version of the IS.

According to Automotive News, Lexus filed for a trademark on the IS-F and also for the 'F' logo above, however, Lexus has not confirmed the reports.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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