GM trucks to be tested with "100% bio-derived diesel-like fuel"

Late last month, General Motors donated a Chevy Silverado and a GC Sierra pickup to Clarkson University in New York State. The vehicles will soon be used in tests of a "100% bio-derived diesel-like fuel" run by the school and GS AgriFuels Corporation, part of the GreenShift Corporation.
The fuel comes from biomass gasification and gas-to-liquids systems developed by Clarkson professor Dr. Philip Leveson and ZeroPoint Clean Technology. GS Agrifuels says these systems "allow a wide range of biomass feedstocks and municipal waste streams to be converted to carbon-neutral transportation fuel." Also: the technology "can gasify virtually any plant-derived material and convert the resultant gas into electricity, valuable fuels and other chemicals."

GreenShift deals in biodiesel, ethanol and biomethanol, so the carefully worded " 100% bio-derived diesel-like fuel" strikes me as interesting. Odd, but interesting. Scanning other news stories and press releases about this project, no one says it's biodiesel, so there must be a technical difference between this new fuel and traditional B100. Anyone have any insights?

[Source: Renewable Energy Access]

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