How to start your own biodiesel station

While the major automakers slug it out over hydrogen vehicles and hybrids, grassroots alt fuel proponents are getting big into biodiesel. But for biodiesel to get to a critical mass, it needs to be made available to more people in more places. If you want to be part of this expansion, and do more than just talk about turning waste grease into biofuel in your community, then perhaps the upcoming Biodiesel Intensive course offered by BioFuel Oasis is for you.
The five-day course will take place in February (from the 18th to the 23rd) in Berkeley, California. For $650 you get instruction on all aspects of starting your own biodiesel station as well as breakfasts and lunches. Application deadline is December 20.

About a dozen students will be accepted into the class, taught by Jennifer Radtke and Melissa Hardy. The two longtime biodiesel advocates will discuss:
  • Fuel Procurement and Quality Testing
  • Hands-on Equipment Building and Plumbing
  • Taxes, Permits & Zoning
  • Developing Your Market
  • Additional Income Generators: Merchandise, Delivery, Classes, Mechanics, Cafe, etc.
  • Visioning & Funding Ideas
  • Accounting & Small Business 101
  • Decision-making, Burnout, Getting Along
For more information, contact BioFuel Oasis.
[Source: BioFuel Oasis]

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