AUCTION ACTION: The most expensive car ever? Hitler's Auto Union on the auction block

One of two remaining Auto Union D-Types is scheduled to be sold in Paris by Christie's this coming February. The shiny silver streamliners were commisioned by Adolf Hitler to showcase the technological superiority of the Reich. Even now, they're impressive and cleverly engineered using a mid-engine layout with fully independent suspensions and supercharged engines. Considering that these cars were designed and built in the 1930s, they're absolutely insane. Uber designer Ferdinand Porsche developed the Auto Union racers and they showcase some common Porsche touches, like swing axle rear suspensions and torsion bars. Piloted by drivers like Hans Stuck and Tazio Nuvolari, the big streamliners racked up many victories in various hill-climb and Grand Prix competitions. Nearly all D-Types were casualties of World War II. This 1939 racer was discovered disassembled in Russia, where it had been taken for reverse-engineering. It was reassembled and is expected to top the current most expensive car record-holder, an 1$11 million Bugatti.


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