SassyGrass! - NeoRetro color for the Charger

Well this is just Plum Crazy! Actually, no, it's Sublime. Our friends over at have obtained some information about the latest special edition of the LX cars; the Dodge Charger Daytona Sublime Edition. Sublime refers to the eye-popping shade of green, instantly harking back to the "Sublime Green" hue of the musclecar era. A total of 1500 Sublime Daytona R/Ts will be built, and the model is slated to debut in December, just in time for Christmas. The color is hideous in a radioactive pea-soup kinda way, just like it was back in 1970, perfect. Us car guys love it for the way it makes MoPars stand out like a sour-apple Spree candy. That's the very same reason you may have a hard time convincing others that their colorphobia is the real problem. We hope that this 4th edition of special Charger isn't the last, as the Chrysler group strip-mines their mod past. Thanks to tipster John for the info!

(Another pic after the jump)


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