VIDEO: Volkswagen Tiguan concept

For all it's flashy orange hue and muscular styling, nobody seems to much care about the Volkswagen Tiguan as it just cruises around. Looks pretty bitchin' to us, though, with that hulking profile and flared out fenders. You certainly don't think "prettied-up tall Golf" when you watch the video. The Tiguan is intended to take on the RAV-4 and CR-V, as well as European competition from the likes of BMW and Volvo. The Tiguan's end of the CUV market is heating up, and it will be interesting to watch how VW positions it in terms of pricing and options. Oh, and dig that "Clean TDI" diesel clatter we hear at the end.

Thanks to tipster Mikhal.

[Source: Volkswagen via AutoMotoPortal]

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