TH!NK about it: former Ford company returns in 2007

TH!NK fast! Remember those tiny electric cars Ford was showing off around the time the world was caught in the throes of Y2K? They were tiny matte-finished Norwegian runabouts that promised 50 miles of range and a top speed of 55 mph? TH!NK was Ford's electric car answer to the Smart car. Fifty prototypes had been tested for two years in Norway, and another 40 cars were used as part of the Bay Area Station Car Program in San Francisco in 1995. Ford had planned to build about 1,500 of the EVs starting in 2000.

Well that plan went down the toilet when Ford dropped TH!NK in a cost-cutting move. But there is some good news to report for those who might like to see a TH!NK in their driveway. After languishing since then, the TH!NK is set to ride again. The Norwegian team responsible for the original model has gone back to the drawing board, boosting range by 60% and totally refreshing the rust and dent proof thermoplastic exterior. In the hopes of getting the project completed and the new model on the road by as early as next year, the company is looking for workers in almost every position, "from sales director and chief technical officer to factory manager and head of product development."

If all goes according to plan, production will start in Norway next year. Although pricing and distribution haven't been discussed, we do know that the new TH!NK will sport standard anti-lock brakes, power steering, electric windows, and central locking. Woo hoo.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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