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Dashing through the snow, in a V-Dub Golf or Bug...

Thanksgiving's over, and for a lot of us, that means snowy weather will be on tap before too long. As adults and car owners, snow means shoveling the driveway, digging out cars, and trying to avoid the other fools on the road whose driving skills erode to nothing at the mere sight of frozen precipitation. These activities cause us to look at the white stuff with less enthusiasm than we did as kids.

For kids, snow means what it did before adulthood jaded us: Fun. And much of that fun is derived from traveling down blanketed hills at breakneck speeds. Volkswagen knows this and has prepared a full lineup of branded sleds on which tykes can try to set new gravity-driven land speed records in the backyard. We're digging on the GTI (it even has the gauge cluster and honeycomb grille) and Love Bug editions the most, and wonder if this will lead to a rash of attempts to un-pimp other kids' sleds at the hill.

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[Source: VW via Carscoop]

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