eBay find of the day: '06 Shelby GT-H owned by Hertz exec

You know the slogan and the TV commercials: "you can get 'it' on eBay." Well, damned if it isn't true, because a Newark, NJ car dealer has an '06 Shelby GT-H with just 4,000-odd miles on it listed at the online auction house. According to the item description, the car (VIN 1ZVFT82H365226495 / CSM No. O6H0037) was driven by a Hertz exec until Deluxe Auto Sales purchased the car at auction on November 16. When you consider that the GT-Hs are supposed to stay in service until they've got mileage in the teens on the odo, this sounds like a nice opportunity for some collector. It's even better if the car really was an executive machine as is claimed, because with the fleet cars, it's beyond likely that they will not have been treated with a whole lot of TLC.

As I write this (it's Friday night), there are 9 bids on the car, and it's up to $55,600. The reserve has not yet been met. It'll be interesting to see what it ultimately sells for (if it sells at all), given that the first car brought $250K. That was for a zero-mileage car that was never going to be touched by a Hertz customer, however. We're guessing that the final selling price of this particular GT-H will be a more accurate indicator of what the other cars will ultimately trade hands for. The auction expires at month's end, so we'll see soon enough. If you want to get in on the action, you can bid on the car here.

Thanks to Matt at MustangBlog for the heads-up!

[Source: eBay via MustangBlog.com]

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