Monday's contribution to Autoblog from the online treasure trove that is comes in the form of a civilian demonstration of the Shelby GT-H's burnout abilities. The 325-horse rental-only 'Stang certainly gets the job done, laying down an appropriately thick wall of smoke as the driver put on a show for his neighbors.

We know rental cars are subject to a fairly high level of abuse, and in the case of the GT-H, the car practically begs for it. It's likely that the people renting them are more than happy to oblige -- much to the chagrin of the cars' rear tires.

Of course, this video also illustrates why ordering a retail Shelby GT might be a better play than waiting to buy a former Hertz car -- collectability be damned. With a GT-H, you'll never know just how many people abused the car before you took possession of it. With a Shelby GT, at least you'll know that the only yahoo strapping in behind the wheel is the one looking back at you in the mirror.


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