GreenFuel's algae to biofuels technology growing soon in South Africa

Using algae to make biodiesel has been talked about and tested for a while now. One of the leaders in the field is GreenFuel Technologies Corporation, which is giving the little plants CO2-rich environments like smokestacks and seeing how they make fuels like methane and biodiesel (see previous posts listed below). GreenFuel announced last week that it would license its Emissions-to-Biofuels™ technology to the new South African company Global Renewable Energy Efficiency Network. South Africa has set a goal of producing five percent biodiesel by 2014 (I know that's unclear – is it five percent of all its diesel must be biodiesel? Or do they want to domestically produce five percent of the biodiesel they use? I don't know. The number comes from Frick DeBeer of Global Renewable, and further information on what exactly he means was not discoverable). The first implementation of the GreenFuel technology will be at the Kelvin Power Station in Johannesburg.
[Source: GreenFuel]

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