Louisiana passes two percent ethanol mandate

The Louisiana bill we reported on earlier, HB 685, that will require some gasoline sold in the state to be made up of at least two percent ethanol was signed into law by Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco in early June.
Blanco said she saw the law, introduced by Representative Francis Thompson, as a bill that will assist Louisiana farmers and consumers. Blanco said, "In examining this bill, I looked at four key points.  First, ethanol facilities will provide Louisiana farmers a new market for their crops, diversifying our economy and creating hundreds of permanent jobs. Second, consumers are expected to have affordable, quality choices at the pump or the implementation of the ethanol legislation will be delayed by the Department of Agriculture.  Third, ethanol blends reduce the toxicity of fuels and are better for the environment.  And finally, it will take at least 18 to 24 months before producers can make enough product to trigger the mandate in the legislation."

Louisiana Secretary of State Candidate Mike Francis put out a statement saying he opposed the bill because it might raise gasoline prices. Francis doesn't hide is oil and gas background on his campaign website, but notice how the release doesn't mention that he is CEO of Francis Drilling Fluids, Ltd a Gulf drilling fluid company.

And no, Gov. Blanco is not related to me, as far as I know.

[Source: State of Louisiana]

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