Comparing car sharing services around the globe allows us to see all the ways one can operate a part-time car business. One thing I like about Charter Drive, based in Sydney, Australia, is their three-part pricing structure for users who need a car occasionally, frequently or regularly. Occasional users don't pay a monthly fee, just a higher per-rental charge, and get a 30 free kilometers worth of gas (everyone who wants to use Charter Drive needs to pay a $25 sign-up fee). Higher-use members pay a monthly fee, but each rental costs less. If you need a car for more than a few hours at a time, Charter Drive's car rental partner, Red Spot Car Rental, offers discounts to Charter Drive members and offers home pickup and delivery.

As Charter Drive learns from WhizzGo and City Wheels teaches Street Car a thing or two and ZipCar informs the next car sharing program on the horizion how its done, people living in metropolitan areas will really get into these programs. It can be a colossal hassle to have a car in a city, with limited parking and traffic on top of the standard car ownership costs. Compare the hassles with the option of using public transportation and car sharing, and it just seems natural that well-run car sharing services will expand dramatically in the near future.

[Source: YouTube / Charter Drive]

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