Video: Automobile Mag (mercifully) shreds an Isuzu Trooper

Automobile Magazine took a previously loved Isuzu Trooper to a car shredder and, just for us machine freaks, shot video of its aged, slab-sided body disappearing forever into the 6,000 horsepower jaws of automotive death. It's amazing how quickly the device of destruction chews from the Trooper's smashed-in front bumper to its rear-view-impinging spare tire.
Clyde Phillips, manager of the junking facility, says on the video that they run more than 1,000 cars a day through monster machine, sending the finely shredded steel to recyclers to become newer, hopefully better, cars and trucks.

Now that this video is out, every AMC Matador in the country will be lying awake tonight wondering if it's next in the Cuisinart of the automotive world.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]

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