Will Brian France get called to the NASCAR hauler?

NASCAR's CEO, Brian France, is not unfamiliar with dealing with the superstars of NASCAR and their driving habits, both in public and on the track. This time though, it seems that France may have to spend some time in the infamous NASCAR hauler himself, but on the other side of the desk.

It seems that Mr. France had some issues while piloting his Lexus (how ironic) in the parking lot of a local Daytona Beach restaurant, allegedly striking a parked car and then a tree. A follow-up phone call to the France home relayed that he was drinking a soda when he, "bumped into something." The Daytona Beach police have opened an investigation into the allegation that France may have been given special treatment (read: no sobriety test) because of his celebrity, but the officers on the scene said they didn't smell alcohol on France, nor was there probable cause for making an arrest.

Chief Chitwood (really!) opened the investigation based on a witness who stated that France was, "driving at a very reckless speed" and, "fell over his own feet" as he exited the car. The Chief promised that if Mr. NASCAR was given a break because of this name, someone would be looking for a new job.

[Source: Contra Costa Times via Jalopnik]

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