SEMA supergallery: Random shots from the show

Here are some random photos as a farewell to the wonders of SEMA. Mostly stuff that we walked past and thought we'd get back to later for a more thorough post, only to run out of time. Celebs, models, wheels, tuners, parts, models, trucks, one-offs, race cars, exotics, models, hot rods, muscle cars, concepts and models. Most of the pics in this gallery are from the halls of the Convention center, but half of what makes SEMA such a fascinating show is what happens away from the show floor. Unfortunately, photos are a little trickier at these parties and events. We managed to procure a few for you, although nothing too spectacular. Most of these pics are clickable for high-res versions. Thanks to Drew and Jason for helping out.
Getting settled into our home away from home for 4 days.

SEMA often offers answers to questions nobody asked.

Why they didn't put the bat cutout over the headlights still baffles us.

Giving away this many trophies to a pink car must have embarrasses the heck out of the competitors.

Fit to be raced.

Nice work-in-progress display at Ford.

"We haven't put tank tracks on an SUT yet. Well, now we have."

Yaris maximus

A bit too peachy, but beautiful woodwork

She-Hulk meets road warrior

Rusted rivet GTI

SPEED's Peter Klutt

Modern lead sled

Halloween colors were everywhere

Race cars were scattered around the halls

F-117 stealth pickup. It worked too. It was almost invisible at the show.

"Sorry, I thought you were one of the models," didn't usually work.

0-100 stalkers in 2.3 seconds

Maybe you have to be drunk to drive this pink Stude.

Yes, they're spinners.

Not what they mean by going green.


We hope he got some tires out of this.

We KNOW she did.

Not everybody subscribed to the more-is-more mantra.

Clear wheels, clear heels, clear blocks...Clear was the new black.

"Does hurling count as a motion?"

Lest you think the Challenger 392 is a new idea.

Please produce it.

Designer rotors


"I really miss the Excursion."

Honda wins the photographer's worst lighting award for its yellow and orange spotlights.

Carroll Shelby and Edsel Ford looked bored during the Ford presentation.

Hula lessons were popular.

Former land speed record holder, Mormon Meteor III, pimpin' paint.

SEMA '06 was Resto Mod heaven.

Stop Tech had some new carbon ceramic retrofit prototypes on display.

A few vendors were thinking green, if only in color.

Mopar Alley had several nice resto mods to complement the newer concepts.

Michelin had a quite a crowd

SSC Aero attracted some attention too


The CEC party was a blast and gives you an idea of what SEMA offers outside the hall lights.
Thanks to Jason Thorgalsen for the pics.

Techart Carrera GT was the star of the CEC party at Bali Hai.

Donuts with Ashley Van Dyke in the passenger seat didn't hurt.

A Paul Tracy-driven, Novitec twin-supercharged F430 wasn't too bad either.

And although the parties are great, the after parties can bring even more thrills.

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