RIP: Robert Anderson 1920-2006

We're sadened to report the passing of a driving force in the closely-related automotive and aerospace industries. Robert Anderson died at the ripe old age of 85 this past Saturday.

Anderson was best known for his contribution to the advancement of aerospace, having overseen the development of the space shuttle and the revolutionary B-1B bomber. Anderson retired from his role as president and CEO of Rockwell International, which has since grown to its current place as one of the largest companies in the industry.

Prior to his exploits in aerospace, Anderson was a major player in the automotive industry as an executive at Chrysler. He held such positions as Vice-President of engineering and product planning, VP of manufacturing, and General Manager of the Chrysler Plymouth division. During his tenure, he helped develop the revolutionary Hemi engine that propelled the legendary Richard Petty to the finish line at the 1964 Daytona 500 as well as the iconic Plymouth Roadrunner.

Anderson is survived by his bereaved wife Diane, son, daughter, two stepchildren and four grandchildren, who have our condolences.

[Source: UPI and Winding Road]

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