RETRACTED - Lincoln MKS to get a V8 after all!

UPDATE 1 - Commenter Jon (#23) weighs in with the following: " I work at a dealer. The info on the MKS Ford sent us online is all dated March/April 2006. I assumed it was old info, and wondered why it was sent out..." So now the question is this: Was there really a change of heart, where the V8 will be offered? Or is this all a big misunderstanding because of stale info being communicated on the dealer web site? If that's the case, it's very discouraging.

UPDATE 2 - We have received word from Ford that this was indeed a case where old materials were republished. There was no change of heart, and the V8 won't be behind that stylish grille. This is disappointing, and I must offer my apologies for the confusion. -AN

UPDATE 3 - Commenter Jon has confirmed that the inaccurate info has been pulled from the Ford dealer website. As such, I have added "Retracted" to the post title.

This morning, Lincoln released an overview of the forthcoming MKS to dealers. There are plenty of features to discuss, but the most overwhelmingly important piece of info is this:

The MKS will be powered by a 315 horsepower V8, which will put power to all four wheels via Ford's new 6-speed automatic. This contradicts a late-summer report that the V8 had been ditched in favor of a powered-up version of the 3.5L V6 that's finding its way under the hood of a multitude of Ford products. It also suggests that Ford brass came to the realization that V6 power in their flagship sedan was not a prime selling point. Assuming the information we were given is accurate, this is a very smart move that leaves no doubt as to the big Linc's position in the corporate pecking order.

Other features announced to dealers include a panoramic glass VistaRoof, adaptive LED headlamps, 20" wheels (a first for Lincoln sedans), Bluetooth, DVD audio, and the Lincoln Mobile Media System. The MMS uses an eight-inch LCD display to handle navigation, audio/entertainment and climate control duties. It also displays vehicle information and downloads information from channels such as the National Weather Center.

The tech stuff, if well-executed, is great. The big news here, though (even though it should never have gotten to a point where it is news at all) is the apparent confirmation of V8 power. And if this is a result of the retooled-yet-again Way Forward plan ... well ... a round of applause to the decision-makers.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster for the info.

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