Girl Scouts drop cookies for car maintenance

There were so many girls back in college I knew who would drive home every three months to have their fathers change the oil in their cars. No doubt it was a codependant relationship, the daughters needing free auto maintenance and the fathers happy to be useful in the lives of their little princesses. But those Hallmark automotive moments aside, it's important for every vehicle owner, man or woman, to know the basics when it comes to the care and maintenance of their car.
Any young man into autos and enrolled in the Boy Scouts of America will no doubt have an Auto Mechanics merit badge on his sash, but until now Girl Scouts didn't have that option. Times have changed, though, and the newest Girl Scout merit badge is the "Car Sense Badge", the acquisition of which requires girls to learn a few things about the cars they drive, like how to chance the oil, check fluids and monitor tire pressure. It's basic but essential stuff that could save these girls a lot of gas money in college when it comes time for an oil change.

[Source: the Auto Channel]

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