Mistrial declared in Enzogate

Former Gizmondo executive Stefan Eriksson seems to have extended his lucky streak just a little while longer. On Friday, the jury in his trial on two counts of grand theft auto and fraudulent concealment told the judge they were deadlocked 10-2. Judge Patricia Schnegg declared a mistrial, but the LA District Attorney said that they would retry Ericksson.

Erikson's seemingly Teflon skin must be starting to wear thin. So far he's been charged with bilking millions from now-defunct Gizmondo, lived in a $6 million dollar Bel Air home, been charged with possession of an illegal weapon, allegedly torn a Ferrari Enzo in half at 162-mph on a public road and leased another Enzo and a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren through a series of bogus transactions. Not bad, especially since through all of this he has plead no contest to drunk driving in the Feb 21 crash that sent $1.5 million dollars worth of red Ferrari Enzo to supercar heaven. Nothing else has stuck... yet.

And I get pulled over and written a ticket for 70 in a 55? Maybe I should move to LA.

[Source: Contra Costa Times via Jalopnik]

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