SEMA: Pontiac Solstice Club Sport Z0K

We really liked this one. Fun little track version of Pontiac's most flingable car. Orange must be this year's black, as it seemed to be everywhere this year. Perhaps the Halloween theme got to the designers' heads. This particular example was a little less vibrant than some, but orange none-the-less, reminding us of traffic cones. Maybe like the ones you'd see out in a parking lot to help mark the track during a SOLO II event. Which is appropriate here.

Celebrating the Solstice's first-ever Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Showroom Stock B National Championship, Pontiac presented this fully race-prepared Solstice Club Sport. Kind of a template for how weekend warriors can set up their own Solstices for SCCA racing. As all SCCA Club Racing Solstices do, this one comes with the Z0K Club Sport regular production order option, which includes a five-speed manual, ABS, a limited-slip differential and the stiffened FE3 suspension.

The engine, unfortunately is the stock N/A 177-hp, 2.4-liter Ecotec, but this is SEMA so the show version also features some of the necessary safety equipment required by the SCCA (rollcage, Hoosier 245/35R18 racing tires, Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. racing brakes, Sparco six-point safety harness and fire suppression system) and what really made this Solstice shine, a bitchin' removable carbon fiber hardtop. More pics after the jump.

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