The boys from Buick and their pimperific Lucernes will not be the dominant force in the 'executive' custom segment, if Hyundai has anything to do with it. The Korean automaker tapped, for the second time, L.A.-based K-Daddyz Kustoms to do what they do best to a new Azera and the results may give the Buick's barges a fair amount of competition.

The exterior gets the prerequisite paint job, courtesy of DuPont's Hot Hues, with additional airbrushing to bring it up a notch. The Azera also sports a custom sunroof with a vinyl top, suicide doors, billet mirrors and all the expected adornments to separate this whip from the Azera's normal clientele. Naturally, chromed dubs fill the wheels wells and a Universal Air Suspension air ride setup takes the bumps.

Inside, Infiniti Audio covers the A/V side of the things, with the rest of the interior getting a few subtle tweaks to bring it up to 'kustom' status.

Our man John Neff snapped the pics and confesses that, "I like it more than any of the Lucernes I've seen. Note to GM: 11 Lucernes is at least 10 too many."

More detailed pics are after the jump.

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