SEMA: Buick Lucerne CCX Luxury Liner by Rick Bottom

When you think aftermarket, chances are "midsize sedan" doesn't immediately spring to mind unless it has a German badge. But Chrysler has the 300 and Buick sees the Lucerne as a good alternative. SEMA has seen hundreds of different 300 variations, so not to be left out this year, Buick brought something for everyone. Everyone who likes the Lucerne, that is. Lots of Lucernes to go through, and damned if we were going to cover more than one. The Buick Lucerne CXX Luxury Liner by Rick Bottom Custom Motor Sports of Mendota, Illinois (please don't pronounce the "s") is by far the nicest.

This Lucerne CXX Luxury Liner sports a fairly understated but definitely custom two-tone paint job with White Gold Flash tri-coat on the sides and Glacier Gold Flash over the top down to the beltline. The effect really works to slim that profile a bit. The ground effects kit draws the whole shape down another notch. The 20-inch Weld EVO forged spoke wheels, coupled with a 2.25" lowering really closes the fender gap too.

A little more chrome than we prefer, but as an alternative to the 300C, this package looks pretty good, too bad it doesn't offer a HEMI. The Northstar is no slouch though, and here it gets a 20-percent power increase from revised ECU programming, and a 4-tip Corsa exhaust. The inside was pretty tasteful and had a megawatt (3,000!) stereo system by Eclipse that could have doubled as the PA system at the convention center. Nice concept for this newest Buick. More pics after the jump.

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