GEMBALLA Turbo GT 550 turns 911 Turbo into terror

What will it take to get those enthusiast juices flowing again once you become bored with the daily chore of driving your stock Porsche 911 Turbo? The GEMBALLA Turbo GT 550 could be the four-cups-of-coffee-before-breakfast jolt you're looking for.

If "discretion" is in your vocabulary, don't look here. The wild looking rear wing and body kit will have the world and every law enforcement officer waiting to see you tip the throttle. And when you do, they will be stunned by the 3.6 second run to 60 (well, maybe not the cops) as you disappear into the horizon on the way to 198 mph, 6 mph faster that stock.

GEMBALLA enhances every aspect of the 911 Turbo to create the Turbo GT 550. With 550 bhp and 575 lb-ft of torque, unique body and interior mods, chassis and braking system enhancements, and a 20" wheel/tire combo that would make a steamroller blush, this car offers no excuses, just thrust.


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