Manga MINIs in Australia

Starting November 3, the National Gallery of Victoria will open an exhibit displaying the artwork of Tezuka Osamu, who is credited as being the "father of anime" and the "Walt Disney of Japan." The distinctive form of Japanese comic art and animation was invented by Tezuka, and he is the creator of several famous characters. Western audiences will likely be familiar with Astro Boy, perhaps his most famous character, which returned to American kids TV in the form of a new series that ran from 2003 to 2004.

MINI is the primary sponsor of the exhibit, and as such have found a way to get into the spirit of things while garnering a little pub for themselves at the same time. A trio of MINIs ( a hardtop and two convertibles) are on display outside the gallery, each sporting a Tezuka-themed paint job that showcases some of the artist's famous characters. In addition to plugging the exhibition, MINI hopes to grab the attention of potential customers, many of whom they feel fit the demographic that this particular exhibit will attract.

[Source: Jez Spinks,]

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