Ford gives grants to Chinese environmental organizations

Ford Motor Company is losing billions of dollars in America, but Ford Motor China is giving money away. Thankfully it's for a good cause. Today, Ford announced the names of 23 individuals and organizations in China that will receive grants from Ford in China totaling about $131,000 US dollars (the number sounds much more impressive when expressed in Chinese yuan: 1.05 million). This is the 7th year of the Ford Motor Conservation & Environmental Grants, China ( CEGC) and this year grants were given in three categories: Preserving Our Natural Environment, Environmental Education, and Youth Environmental Innovation. Perhaps to escape the money losing news at home, Bill Ford attended the event and to give a speech on the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in his company. I guess for Ford responsibility means spending fewer dollars on the environment in all of China than one 30-second prime-time TV spot in America.

[Source: Ford Motor Company]

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