Proton Energy Systems was started 10 years with the aim of developing on-site hydrogen generation systems using proton exchange membrane electrolysis systems. The idea is that instead of distributing and storing liquid or gaseous hydrogen it would be produced essentially on-demand from electricity and water. Proton Energy has now signed a contract with Shell Hydrogen to install a hydrogen filling station in the New York City area.

This will give Proton a chance to demonstrate their technology in a cold weather climate. They'll be evaluating the performance of the system against the performance of similar installations in other climates. Proton is the prime contractor for Shell and will take care of the entire installation.

If this hydrogen generation system is efficient enough it could conceivably solve much of the problem with the creation of a hydrogen infrastructure by effectively eliminating the need for one. This type of installation only needs a source of water and electricity. If it could make effective use of solar or wind energy it could really make a significant dent in emissions of all kinds of pollutants.

[Source: Proton Energy Systems]

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