Stare at your own risk: Maaco's Medusa Mustang

It appears that the theme of this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas will be "Gratuitous Tuning," the time honored art of adding plastic body kits, big wheels, lethal sound systems and origami doors to our favorite cars just for the hell of it. The latest car we've found is the Maaco Medusa Mustang, a pimped out pony car that left the fine line between good taste and garishness in the dust as fast as its 550-horsepower, supercharged engine could take it. If you look closely you'll notice that most of the Medusa's exterior mods come care of a Saleen S281 body kit. Saleen also contributes the brakes, seats and aforementioned roots supercharger. The gull-wing doors look like a pair of nachos being dipped in this most cheesiest of rides, and an air suspension farts away any hope this car could handle on its 20-inch Saleen rims. A couple of mods we do like include the Maaco-applied DuPont color-shifting ChromaLusion paint and custom installed in-car computer running Windows XP on a very large LCD screen in the center console. This question remains, is the Medusa Mustang more gratuitous than the Outrageous C6? Probably not, it would need an Ostrich leather interior to pull that off.

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[Source: Modded Mustangs]


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