Go ahead, place an order for that plug-in hybrid already. A "soft order", that is

If you're one of the many people who desire a plug-in hybrid, but are frustrated that the only way to get one is to go the aftermarket modification route, check out this strategy by the national auto dealership AutoNation. Mike mentioned AutoNation last week, but I feel this " soft order" tactic deserves another look.
The idea is to show the automakers that there is a demand for grid hybrids by having customers "order" plug-in hybrids (sort of like signing a petition), and the names will then be passed on to automakers (none of whom currently offering any of these types of vehicles for sale). The "soft order" promotion started after Plug-in Partners protested at AutoNation dealerships and now the two groups are working together.

Here's the problem though: the "soft order" option is only for business and utility fleets. Why not open this up to individuals? I know that the signatures collected in the fight to keep the EV1 on the road didn't mean squat to GM, but with the growing tide of interest in green cars, shouldn't we all have a way to "order" a plug-in hybrid car?

[Source: Examiner via EV World]

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