Chevy shows Prisma Y Concept at San Paulo show

The Sao Paulo auto show in Brazil continues to kick out some interesting concepts below 0° lattitude. Following the Fiat FCC Adventure Concept we showed you prior, Chevy unveiled the Prisma Y Concept yesterday. The vehicle looks decidedly more production ready than the Fiat, and a little bit like a bigger Suzuki SX4. Our Jalopified friends also noticed the similarities the Prisma Y shares with the WTCC Ultra Concept that Chevy unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, mainly the bold new grille treatment up front and the electric blue paint job. We particularly like the fog lights up front that are molded into the front fascia and bumper. It's not a bad looking little CUV, if you ask us. You can check out more images of the Prisma Y Concept by clicking on the Read link.

[Source: via Jalopnik]

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