Alfa 4C Junior: sketches and speculation

With its release date revealed, more speculation has been surfacing on Alfa Romeo's upcoming Junior sport-hatch.

Pegging itself as the little brother of the sumptuous 8C Competizione, the hot hatch might pick up the name 4C Junior. Sources agree it will be based on the Fiat Grande Punto platform, which means front-wheel-drive, and will likely make use of Alfa's new Q2 self-locking differential. Power could come from the Fiat group's new 1.4-liter turbo four pumping out 150 hp, with a more powerful option in Alfa's 1.8-liter JTB direct injection turbo four producing 220 hp, more than enough to propel the little car like a rocket.

The Alfa Junior is scheduled to hit the road in 2008, so there's still some time before the final specs are finalized and revealed. And for that matter, whether it will jump the pond together with the 159, Brera and 8C Competizione when Alfa Romeo comes back to American shores.

Follow the link for more sketches.

[Source: Auto Motori]

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