Old video of air-powered car making the rounds at YouTube

Funny how what's old becomes new again, thanks to the archiving power of sites like YouTube. A seven-and-a-half minute video clip from CNN (a global or international version of the news network, by the looks of it) that was posted to YouTube in February just got picked up by MobileMag. The video is of a minicar that runs on compressed air. The technology is the work of Guy Negre, MDI president who used to work on F1 engines and his son Cyril. They have been working on the Air Car in the south of France since 1997 and have over 30 patents on the technology.

Even though the YouTube video was uploaded in February 2006, the original CNN broadcast was from 2004 (The announcer says the vehicles should be on the road by the end of 2004, and the scroll across the bottom speaks of a major suicide bombing at the U.S. military's "Green Zone" in Baghdad). MobileMag is ebullient about the car, which from the video sounds great ($6,000 for a car that can go 110 kmh and doesn't pollute? Sign me up), but the reporter focuses more on calling the car "radical" than on the obvious problems with the car (the cost and energy required to compress the air at home, the range, etc.). While the news is old, it is interesting to see how YouTube can help our collective memory for what kind of car tech was hot in 2004. The Air Car's website from MDI is here.

[Source: YouTube, suggested by Jason Kapadia]

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