VW Touareg truck by Individual

2000 Volkswagen AAC concept Volkswagen Individual has created a 2-door Touareg pickup that recalls VW's NAIAS 2000 Advanced Activity Concept (AAC), shown at right.

Apparently captured on display at an Italian show (we don't know which one), it shows that the Touareg is more than capable of spawning a very fun-looking truck. In fact, the absence of the concept's mini-doors make this pickup look much sportier than the AAC. Chrome roll bars sit aft of the wood-accented B-pillar, and the bed is lined with rough-and-tumble diamond-plate.

The cab is trimmed out in wood, aluminum, and gorgeous brown leather accents. So far, Dutch site AutoScoops.eu is the only place we know of that has photos of the truck. We'll see if we can get more info out of VW, but in the meantime check out some additional shots of the rear, interior, and bedliner at AutoScoops.

[Source: AutoScoops.eu via Motor Authority]

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