Faster than a speeding Yaris: the Superman Limited Edition

The Caped Crusader gets to drive the coolest-of-cool Batmobiles, but what does the Man of Steel get? A Yaris.

The Toyota Yairs Superman Limited Edition comes only in Superman blue, natch. And you can tell it's special from all them snazzy decals: they're on the hood, the sides and on the back – big S shields and a flying Superman sticker. Inside, the comic book dream continues with blue seats and S-shields on the steering wheel, floor mats, handbrake, shifter and even on the tissue box.

If you're retching, you can take comfort, and if you're drooling, you can take a flight (and another appointment with your shrink): this bad boy is for sale only in Indonesia, thankfully, for a thousand-dollar premium over a Clark Kent-normal Yaris. (Think, though: a thousand bucks could buy you a lot of Superman comics.)

What we want to know is what eight-year-old boy won the design contest that brought this to fruition.

[Source: Flickr, Carscoop]

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