Ridiculous ride height on a Ford Galaxie 500

Some will certainly look at this lifted Galaxie 500 and ask, "Why?" But to the people who build such things, the better question is always, "Why not?" Featured in the gallery at King of the Street, this massively raised Galaxie 500 is one of the most extreme examples of a growing trend in the aftermarket world, big rides. And that's what King of the Street is all about. Self-described as "The first and only publication catering to this fast growing Lifestyle: "RYDING BIG".

When 20s, 22s and 24s get to be too mundane, upsize the ryde instead. Starting out with a boat of a car like the Galaxie makes some sense, though. Offering what appears to be two feet of ground clearance, driving this bad boy through flooded streets will be a piece of cake, and the body will look just perfect atop the waves lapping at its fenders. Far be it from us to cast judgment on these enterprising young artists, but the monster truck look for the street really doesn't grab us. Check out King of the Street for even more ride height wackiness and click here for the full gallery.

Thanks for the tip, Rob!

[Source: King of the Street]

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