Football fans also getting hit by ethanol blitz

It's official. The conspiracy to get football fans to bow down to the biofuel industry is in full swing. We just mentioned some nefarious biodiesel Dodge/St Louis Ram coming this Tuesday. And here we have a sneaky (sneaky, I tell you) promotion by the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) to use tailgate parties at professional football games and pump promotions branded with NFL gams to get fans into ethanol.

The tailgate parties will be typical affairs with tents and banners, but in some instances will also feature EPIC's IndyCar simulator (EPIC works hard to promote ethanol in the Indy Racing League. The picture above is Panther Racing No. 4 Vitor Meira speaking at promotion in Kansas in June). The first tailgate parties kicked off last weekend. Upcoming events will take place at:
  • New York, Indianapolis and Philadelphia today
  • Dallas, Pittsburgh, New York, Washington DC and Baltimore on Sunday, October 15
  • Houston, Kansas City and Buffalo on Sunday, October 22
  • Dallas on Monday, October 23
  • Buffalo and Philadelphia on Sunday, October 29
  • Washington DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh on Sunday, November 5.
[Source: Driving Ethanol via Domestic Fuel]

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