Directions no charge: Cadillac offering nav systems for free

In a gesture of unwavering generosity, Cadillac announced yesterday that select 2007 models would come equipped with free satellite navigation. The offer will end on January 2nd 2007 and is only available on "specially-equipped" models.

What directional joys await those of you willing to drop the coin on a new Caddy? It's pretty much the standard navigation fare, with a dash-mounted LCD displaying turn-by-turn directions, with the option of a sultry vixen barking orders at you if you make a wrong move (some don't need a sat-nav for that). Other standard features include an address finder, a business search and, for those of you willing to upgrade to XM, NavTraffic, that provides real-time traffic reporting.

The free navi will be only available on 2007 models and we haven't found out the meaning of "specially-equipped" yet, but we'll call our local dealer today.

[Source: Cadillac via GM Inside News]

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