Rapid E85 growth in Minnesota

Minnesota, like many other states, is experiencing rapid increases in the number of gas stations selling E85. Sixty E85 fueling spots have opened this year, with another twenty coming in the next few weeks. By mid-August, there will be 270 places to get E85 in the state. This means that Minnesota "leads in per-capita use of the biofuels, ethanol and biodiesel, and is expanding its E85 fueling network at a tremendous pace. If trends continue, Minnesota motorists will purchase 15 million gallons or more in 2006 -- up from just 2.6 million gallons in E85 sales in 2004", according to the American Lung Association of Minnesota, a member of the Minnesota E85 Team. Part of the reason the state is so into ethanol is that it was selected in 1998 for E85 promotion through a public- private partnership organized by the US Department of Energy.
[Source: American Lung Association of Minnesota]

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