Xebra sells on eBay for $10,800. Winner outbids 8,000 others?

Steve Palmer is the freshest owner of a Xebra electric vehicle after submitting the winning bid of $10,800 on a recent eBay auction. While the Xebra's actual retail price is under $10,000, the squat little EVs are only sold through authorized dealers and are not available everywhere right now. Palmer said his high bid would allow him to get the Xebra faster than through the standard channels. He claimed that he "really wanted the car so my family and I could enjoy this newest technology."

What I don't fully understand is Zap's press release announcing the auction. Zap sells the Xebra in the U.S. and claimed that Palmer outbid almost eight thousand other bidders to win the car. Excuse me? Eight thousand? Since the auction has ended, the details are no longer available on the auction site, but doesn't that seem like an awful lot of people to be bidding on one of these niche cars? I mean, the Reggie Bush exclusive NFL/Rebuild New Orleans merchandise items have between 24 and 51 bids as I write this. And that's the number of bids, not bidders. Something seems odd here. But if it's true, then Zap had better get a lot of the Xebras to market pronto, is all I'm saying. We'll let you know you if Zap clears things up.

[Source: Zapworld]

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