VIDEO: Nissan Note "Note & Pencils" TV Spot

The "Ken & Mary" Skyline commercial posted earlier was something we found during our search for the Nissan Note TV spot you see above. Filmed in Bangkok, it's one of the better ads we've seen in a while, and it features a Marine Blue Note 15S v drawing a giant face on an enormous notebook. The tricksters at Nissan rigged a paint tank in the Note's cargo area to feed the blue "ink" onto the tires, which became de facto paint rollers. So yes, in case you were wondering, the car really did draw the picture.

The background track is Eddie Cochran's "C'mon Everybody," which was actually released as a CD single tie-in to the ad campaign (album art after the jump). Oh, and the notebook? It's made of wood and is 50m x 40m.

You can read more about the Nissan Note here (knowing Japanese would help) and the car it's based on, the Renault Modus, here.

(Album art after the jump)

[Source: Nissan]

"C'mon Everybody" CD Single Album Art


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