Spawn of eK: New Nissan Otti released in Japan

Nissan Otti Rider

Prior to the release of the latest Mitsubishi eK Wagon, an announcement was made that Mitsu would be supplying Nissan with their own version of the new kei car. No surprise, really, as the previous-gen eK was also sold as the Nissan Otti. Well, the day we all knew was coming has arrived, as Nissan unveils their new Otti minicar. Everything -- the power sliding passenger-side door, the engines, specifications, SU-LEV rating (for the non-turbo) etc. -- corresponds exactly to the new Mitsu. Even the wheels and/or wheel covers are identical. This is as straight a rebadge as you'll ever see.

The Otti S/E/M trims are the Nissanized eK Wagon, while the Otti RS/RX trims are the doppelgangers of the eK Sport. Nissan does offer the new Otti with the Japan-market "Rider" package by it's in-house customizer, Autech. It adds elements like aftermarket grilles and wheels that freshen the look and actually set it apart somewhat from its Mitsubishi clone. It's not all fun and games with Autech. They also make an Otti LV "Life Care Vehicle" that offers easier access for the disabled.

Nissan hopes to sell 2,600 Ottis a month, a number they'll probably exceed in a week or so when you consider that Mitsubishi hit its 6,000/month eK target in the first two weeks it was offered. Ditto Subaru with the Stella and Daihatsu with the Sonica. The Japanese loooove their kei cars and order 'em in bunches when they're new to market.

If you didn't like the eK, you won't like this car. If you like the eK, well, you're not going to find much to dislike here. More info's available in the press release after the jump and at the car's official site, where the "Otti Song" that launches automatically will, without question, make you insane.

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The new Otti's innovative design concept is defined by its simple boxy style that lend the vehicle its distinctive appeal, combined with a modern and roomy cabin offering a variety of handy storage solutions. It also features improved visibility, giving the driver a more confident driving position. The Otti has been designed to tailor to Japanese urban city-scape where the dimensions of the vehicle have been specifically sized to fit into typical multi-story garages. For added convenience and easy access in tight spaces the vehicle is equipped with a remote-controlled sliding door.

The new model comes in the S/E/M series or the sportier RS/RX series, as well as a choice of a non-turbo or an inter-cooled turbo 0.66-liter powertrains. The Otti is an OEM vehicle, built and supplied by Mitsubishi Motors Corp.

Key Highlights:
  • An innovative exterior design with great functionality
  • A neat and easy-to-clean interior
  • Remote-controlled sliding side door for exceptional convenience and reliability
Sales target: 2,600 cars per month
Price range: 976,500-1,510,950 yen

Innovative design and functionality

S/E/M Series
  • The M/M Four with remote-controlled sliding door will only be released by late December.
  • The roomy cabin is made possible by the long roof and square body shape. Overall height of 1,550mm is specified in order to fit multi-story garages (RX/RX Four model is 20mm taller at 1,570mm).
  • A large windshield and low beltline for a broad, driver-friendly forward view.
  • Sharp side profile with a horizontal beltline to emphasize its low stable stance.
  • Chrome moldings and square grille with ten body-color options, including the Otti-exclusive Mist Blue.
RS/RX Series
  • A sportier-looking grille and xenon headlamps with low-beam projectors and auto levelers.
  • Front and rear aero bumpers provide a sportier low-ride look.
  • Sleek, dynamic roof spoiler including high-mounted LED brake light and sporty clear-lens LED combination rear lamps.
  • Aluminum wheels -- 14-inch for the RX/RX Four and 13-inch for the RS/RS Four -- complementing the simple, square bodystyle.
Neat and easy-to-clean interior
The Otti's interior has been thoughtfully designed to express its dynamic driving style, for example, the instrument cluster is uniquely positioned at the center stack. In the sporty RS/RX model, the instrument cluster features a combination of a digital speedometer and analog tachometer. The center stack's contemporary yet minimalist design features pearl white trim in the S/E series and sporty silver trim in the RS/RX series.

For greater ease on the move, the automatic shifter is mounted on the left on the dashboard within immediate reach of the driver.

The various interior storage ideas allow for a neat and easy-to-clean cabin, including a detachable box, an instrument-panel cubby, multi-purpose clips on both doors and rear-seat cupholders.

There are two interior-color options to meet different customer tastes -- beige and black (S/E/M) and all-black (RS/RX and E/S 3AT, Black Interior Package).

Its innovative design extends to the different seat configuration and flexibility for added functionality. Front seats recline flat, and 50-50 split rear seats recline independently at the touch of a lever.

The Otti's unique "Inner Green" concept incorporates certain features such as an odor-free headliner and cabin air filters.

Remote-controlled sliding doorfor exceptional convenience
A remote-controlled sliding door on the passenger side allows for easier access in narrow spaces, and is equipped with safety interlock. The door opens 530mm wide and can either be controlled by a driver-seat switch, a remote control, a switch on the upper B-pillar or the door handle itself.

Safety and environmental performance
Standard features include antilock brake system, pre-tensioning seat belts with two-stage load-limiters, SRS airbag systems, front-bumper design enhancements to minimize pedestrian injury, and body-frame structural reinforcement to protect driver and occupants in the event of a collision.

The Otti is part of a new generation of minicars that are more environmentally friendly -- a criteria of increasing relevance to a growing segment of Japanese consumers that are demanding sustainable mobility solutions.

Models with non-turbo 3G83 engine are certified super-ultra-low emission vehicles (SU-LEVs) as they emit 75% less greenhouse gases below Japan's 2005 exhaust emission standards. Models with the inter-cooled turbo 3G83 engine are Ultra Low Emission Vehicles, complying with the government's 2005 standard of reducing emissions by 50%. The 5MT models with the 3G83 engine have surpassed the 2010 fuel-efficiency standard plus 10%, and are eligible for the 2006 Green Tax reduction.

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