NADA identifies increased interest in crossovers

The automotive information site has seen a significant up tick in consumer interest towards crossovers or, if you prefer, CUVs. Beginning in January and ending at the end of August of this year, NADA claims to have seen a 37 percent increase in research traffic for CUVs and other smaller utility vehicles.

The NADA list of the most researched vehicles is:

1. Toyota RAV4
2. Ford Escape
3. Toyota Highlander
4. Saturn VUE
5. Nissan Murano
6. Dodge Caliber

However, when we think of CUVs, we envision vehicles like the Enclave (pictured), the Ford Freestyle and other middle ground, five-doors of that ilk. Those vehicles are new designs, specifically geared towards consumers stepping out of their SUVs and into a smaller, yet still practical, means of transportation. The RAV4, Escape, VUE and Murano, don't strike us as the revolutionary hope that crossovers are perceived to be. We've always considered them cute 'utes or soft-roaders.

Maybe the definition of crossover is too broadly defined, with anything falling in between an Accord and an Expedition adopting the moniker.

The Dodge Caliber, which NADA identifies as the most researched model in August, is supposedly a replacement for the compact Neon. But as anyone who's seen or driven a Caliber can attest, it is hardly compact. The amount of research obviously shows that Dodge has a hit on their hands, but is it really a crossover, or just another wagon?

We'd like your thoughts on the crossover market and what you believe a crossover is defined as. The 'comments' sections is open and your two pence are desired.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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