Los Alamos scientists research cheaper, more durable fuel cells

Yesterday, PhysOrg reported on the recently published fuel cell research of two Los Alamos scientists, Rajesh Bashyam and Piotr Zelenay, in the scientific journal Nature. Searching for a low-cost alternative to platinum, the duo developed a composite consisting of cobalt, polymer and carbon. The new catalysts weren't able to produce as much electrical energy as its platinum-based counterpart, however, the composite exhibited "exceptional performance stability" during a 100-hour test session.

Bashyam and Zelenay are continuing their research on a number of other composites while they also hope to contribute to one of the lab's larger projects of increasing current output from fuel cells.

It's great to hear about developments in the advancement of fuel cell research. Now, if we could only figure out that pesky problem of where to get the hydrogen.

[Source: PhysOrg]

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