RIP: Ford Focus Wagon

While you may be able to successfully argue that station wagons have made a comeback thanks to such hipster sleds as the Dodge Magnum and SUV-inspired Outbacks from Subaru, the love hasn't spread to the Ford Focus Wagon, which has always been the black sheep of the Focus lineup holding down around 8% of the small car's sales. Thus, Ford announced on its fleet website that it will be discontinuing the Focus Wagon in December. While Ford is actually increasing Focus production as a whole to meet the U.S. market's newfound demand for small cars, it's decided to spend its resources on the high volume Focus sedan, 3-door and 5-door hatchback models. Though the Focus lineup will now be down to three models by the end of the year, soon enough the heavily revised 2008 Focus will appear and a two-door coupe will join the ranks in place of the discontinued wagon.

[Source: Ford Fleet via LLN]

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