Ding, ding... Round 14 for the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary has begun, and it's all about the Fusion's quality record, which at this point is perfect. That's right, no recalls during its launch year of 2006 and none reported yet so far for the 2007 model. "Fix or Repair Daily" may not apply to the Fusion, but consumers are still more likely to trust a Camry over the competition when it comes to quality, but them's the breaks, kid. What can Ford expect after launching the Focus in 1999 with wheels that fell off and engines that combusted externally? Frankly, the Fusion had to be hit on the quality front, and so far the Hermosillo plant deserves credit for cranking out some solid vehicles. But now that we know what Ford will be offering Europeans in the form a mid-size sedan, i.e. the next-gen Mondeo, can we, you and the remaining cognoscente of cars in North America, continue to recommend the Fusion? C'mon Ford, make a real bold move and bring over your Euro lineup from the Mondeo on down.

[Source: Ford Bold Moves]

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